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About Alpha

At Alpha, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest possible value, customer care and ethical standards.
Our successful growth over the years has been strong and steady allowing us to serve on a national scale.

Despite our size, we endeavour to provide equal opportunities for all in our community, regardless of race or gender. We work hard to transform our notions and ideas into practical work that benefits all stakeholders involved. Our entire workforce from cleaning staff, traffic controllers and property tradesmen all share equal values in delivering optimal safety, professionalism and quality.

Our practices are sustainable and environmentally focused as we believe our services should benefits the client, our staff and the environment. We have been able to do so through our ‘Green Initiative’ approach in cleaning, which focuses on practices that minimise carbon footprint, reduce water usage, optimise recycling and remove the usage of paper.

Our Mission

Alpha aims to connect and give back to its community through a variety of charities and organisations whom share the same ethical values.


Express and show purpose, adaptability, responsibility and meaningful value creation over the long term, ensuring stakeholders’ interests as just as or more important than earning profits and growing revenue.

Champion strong family values and a collaborative culture to achieve optimal employee morale and work ethics.

Remain technologically focused to enhance Alpha processes and capabilities in ways that benefit our stakeholders, the environment and the larger communities we are a part of. 

Ensure transparency, honesty and trustworthiness remain a key pillar in the way Alpha operates, manages, procures and engages with employees, clients and stakeholders.

Continue to develop and implement unique, integrated solutions tailored around the specific needs of stakeholders.


To offer flexible, holistic solutions that support the growing needs of our employees and stakeholders, every step of the way. 

1300 525 742 (ALPHA)


8 International Square 
Victoria 3043