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Farewell 2020, and with open arms we welcome a fresh start to 2021.

It’s safe to say the world we once knew has been turned on its head, some say for the worse and others say for the better. With every negative comes a positive and I believe there were many positives to come out of this global pandemic. 

As a society we were given the opportunity to slow down, families began spending valuable time together and catch ups outdoors became the new ‘hotspot’. People started to focus more on their health through physical movement and any form of gym equipment was near impossible to find at every retail outlet.

Bike retailers sold more bikes than ever before and everyone began to enjoy the simple way of travel through bike riding again. This is how I grew up. It’s as if time had slowed down and I was able to return to my childhood, back to the days I enjoyed most! Growing up in the streets of Fitzroy then Northcote, all we needed was a bike, a footy, a soccer ball and milkshakes from our local milk bar. The lockdown certainly reminded me of many things I cherished in my childhood years. 

The continuous lockdowns we experienced specifically in Victoria were cruel, harsh and demanding. This forced businesses to operate under extreme and difficult circumstances. There were many sectors affected throughout this lockdown, however one particular industry that undoubtedly suffered the most was the Hospitality, Retail and Tourism sectors. This left many people unemployed and searching for additional benefits through the State and Federal Government.

The Federal Government’s Job Keeper program was implemented to assist all businesses that dropped 30% in total revenue. Businesses were subsidised to keep staff employed. This ensured the economy as a whole weathered and combatted the storm as much as possible. The Federal Government will continue to assist and support as many businesses as they can however as this finalises in March, we will see I believe, a large portion of businesses that sadly will not return.

At Alpha Facilities Group we were challenged in so many different ways. The two major lockdowns during last year had effects on all sectors of our business however we managed to navigate through the encounters and prospered.

This is due to a number of different factors. I strongly believe that we were able to control and mitigate the year based on the below.

  • Staff: Across the business in all divisions, staff displayed incredible courage, dedication and professionalism to continue quality and efficient work. Communication was key, from management right through to operational staff. We were all unified and had a common understanding of how we get through together. This made me extremely proud knowing our workforce felt connected throughout the pandemic. 

  • Clients: Having a diverse portfolio of clients with different expectations can sometimes prove to be a challenge however, in saying that our trusted and valued clients were just as important throughout 2020. This came down to communication, mutual understanding and profound loyalty. Our wonderful clientele were able to ride the wave with Alpha Facilities Group. Our commitment and obligation is to continue to provide a high-level service and to maintain and nurture our relationships. To be able to get through 2020 together has now strengthened our partnership for many more years to come. Relationships are proven during difficult times and we certainly value all our clients as they are remarkable individuals and businesses. 

  • Management Team: In the industry that we live in, management is imperative to the performance of our staff. The manner in which Alpha Facilities Group Management team has conducted themselves through 2020 is outstanding. It is reassuring and comforting to have an ambitious and hard-working team that continue to drive daily and look to improve both individually and collectively. Our success is heavily relied upon our management.

Our goal at Alpha Facilities Group is to remain focused, to learn from one another and to create long lasting relationships. 

In life it’s not always about what comes easy, it’s about how we rise from our falls.

These defining moments are what shape who we are and what we stand for.


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