Director Kon Karnezis, talks on COVID-19 and its impacts on health and business. – Alpha Facilities
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As the numbers continue to rise, more than 3.5 million people around the world have been infected and over 250,000 people have been defeated by this invisible enemy.


There has been an enormous effect on all economies around the world, with the sudden closures of all businesses (except for essential services) which included retail, restaurants, bars, manufacturing, distribution, logistics etc. Every sector of the business community has been harshly impacted forcing major corporations to totally shut down such as International Airlines. Unfortunately, due to this horrific pandemic – unemployment is at the forefront.


As I review the current situation, I applaud and I am extremely proud of the patience, management and honesty our leaders have displayed. Australia has also felt the enormous impact as the Federal Government in association with State Governments have had no choice but to temporally shut down the economy. The Government shut down the borders and immediately closed all retail outlets excluding our essential services. Construction and Civil Works have continued which has allowed some form of economic movement however, most businesses and organisations have sent their employees to work from home. Any business that has had a drop of 30% or more in revenue is entitled to claim Job Keeper Stimulus Payments to retain employees. This was a great incentive brought upon to ensure that businesses keep their employees employed with the hope that after restrictions are eased, employees have a job to return to.


Whilst many businesses and industries have faced an unprecedented period, at Alpha Facilities Group we have not only adapted but we have thrived on the current climate and what opportunities have been presented. Alpha Facilities Group is an integrated cleaning, property maintenance, traffic management and hospitality service provider. Operating for almost 20 years, with combined management experience of over 50 years, we have over 350 employees at a nationwide level. As a united business, we pride ourselves on not only delivering high standards but being the cornerstone of quality assurance and compliance.


As cleaning has been front of centre of this pandemic, collectively we have found that our firm policies and procedures previously implemented has allowed us to react promptly and professionally. Health and safety is imperative to the standard of cleaning but also being informed on current chemicals and equipment to best battle COVID-19. We have seen an enormous uptake in demand of our cleaning services, and through our communication and management our operational team have engineered a sustainable and smart approach.


Recruitment and training has been a critical component throughout this period. Our operational staff have been able to induct and train all new cleaners and upgrade in protective gear with powerful chemical agents to ensure all sites are detailed and safe. Clear communication to existing partners on counter active approaches is what will allow us to do the best possible job we can. To offer our support and contribution to the community, we have circulated boxes of toilet paper and large hospital grade containers of hand sanitiser.


Activity has increased at various sites as hours have minimised at others however, during these unprecedented times, it has permitted us as a business to pause and review our overall strategy and to focus on areas of growth and improvement.


I truly believe that post COVID-19, there will be a greater emphasis on cleaning solutions across a number of sectors. At Alpha Facilities Group, we will be prepared and ready to act positively and approach in a compliant and safe manner.


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