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In the best of times, a cleaning company is a useful service to keep facilities clean and operational. During a pandemic, our experience tells us that they are an essential service in the fight against the coronavirus.

No other industry can actively remove the risk factors of further epidemic spread by keeping surfaces clean and sanitised. Also, cleaning firms have access to materials such as personal protection equipment and sanitizer that can protect your team members as they are working.

With the coronavirus causing a global shutdown across the face of the planet and putting entire populations into lockdown, many businesses have had to walk away from offices, venues, and facilities at a moment’s notice.

A cleaning company is so crucial to business operations and essential in plans to reopen in the future that you need to be careful if your current cleaning company is the right fit for you.

If they haven’t called you with a personal update, then perhaps its time you ask if they are playing an active role in your business reopening strategy.

A crisis will split the pack when it comes to cleaning companies, with the lazily resting on their laurels and shrugging their hands to the sky in ambivalence. But a few cleaning firms will show that they care about the health of your workforce and helping you prepare for reopening.

What should a cleaning company be calling you regarding?

Critically, a commercial cleaning company needs to remain in touch to facilitate an action and maintenance plan to combat the further spread of COVID-19. This could include helping organise an office layout for social distancing, how often they will be cleaning the office daily, and what supplies they will offer to keep the area sanitised.

During this crisis we have implemented plans for our clients to stay ahead of the curve now and into the future. Also, plans should be made with your commercial cleaning company to resume business and prepare your workspaces for a return to service. Those with retail outlets will need their spaces cleaned after several months of inactivity (which may have allowed mold or dust to accumulate) and set up to ensure social distancing (which at the time of this article is a limit of 10 patrons per retail space).

All of this information should be conveyed in a catch-up session, or multiple digital meetings as the government lockdowns slowly lift. The cleaning firms should be researching lockdown updates for you, understanding the new policies, and then giving you an actionable roadmap to help you return to business.

Lastly, the cleaning company should be reaching out with a personal phone call to understand your situation and discuss your current challenges and offer solid solutions. By understanding the lay of the land and your plans, they can better cater to your needs as the supplier in your business relationship.

If these cleaning firms that you pay on a weekly or monthly basis have not been in touch since the coronavirus began, then its time to consider why.

Worse, if they have even insisted on charging you fees for an unprovided service and demand more to reopen to trade, then its time to re-evaluate your relationship.
The bottom line is that if the cleaning company is not looking out for what’s best for your business and the health of your team members and customers, what do you pay them for?
I’d love to, help your business navigate this crisis – during this emergency we have been helping all types of businesses from our blue chip clients to SME enterprises stay safe.

I welcome your call.

Kon Karnezis – Managing Director


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